Welcome to the website of the Bridge Rectifier hackerspace group!

We’re in the process of organising a series of events that we hope will act as a catalyst for setting up a permanent hackerspace in Hebden Bridge. For dates and basic info see the calendar, and more detailed information along with links to registration will be provided here in due course.

Over the coming months we’ll also posting details of our broader aims and objectives, along with progress reports and any interesting developments that we come across.

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  1. donnchadh spence

    hi would like to know about next events . martin told me about previos events thanks . d

    • admin

      We do intend to host more events this year but haven’t got round to planning them just yet. The best thing to do would be to sign up to both of the mailings lists.

  2. hi,

    i wonder if your interested in teaming up with farm hack? we have a need for a 3g powered webcam so we can keep a remote eye on the farm and put live pics on the website. I believe this is possible with a fruit pie or raspberry ripple or something?

    could swap you for use of a fully equiped metalwork shop, or some actual raspberries or owt!

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