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Our hackerspace is located at:

2-4 Stubbing Holme Road
Hebden Bridge
Tel 01422 847053 (answering machine)

Stubbing Holme Rd is just off A646 main road, between the Fox And Goose pub and the Co-op, on the right-hand side as you walk downhill into town. Look out for 2 cottages on the right-hand side, just around the corner – opposite the entrance to Whitehead’s scrapyard. On open evenings, the front door should be unlocked, or call the phone number.


Wikipedia describes a hackerspace as:

“a community-operated physical space where people with common interests, often in computers, technology, science, digital art or electronic art, can meet, socialise and/or collaborate.”

Bridge Rectifier has its own permanent physical space but we also have members organising events in conjunction with partners such as Hebden Bridge Town Hall. Details of events can be found in our calendar (typically one event each month).

Did you say hacker?

Yes, but don’t worry, as there is a much older and far more benign meaning to the term than the one which has been popularised by sensationalist mainstream media.

It’s unfortunate that there are two, heavily conflicting, definitions for the same term. And in fact this is one reason why some people refer to hackerspaces instead as hacklabs, makerspaces or hackspaces.

Why are hackerspaces important?

For so many reasons! They enable shared access to tools and equipment which people may not otherwise be able to afford or have space to accommodate, and provide an environment in which they can share skills and ideas and collaborate.

Hackerspaces have provided assistance in times of national crisis, sent balloons equipped with cameras and sensors into space and given birth to some of the most fun creations you’ll ever see.

Some are even suggesting that hackerspaces function as startup incubators, boost innovation and may even herald a new industrial revolution.


If you have been to an open evening or other public event and have decided you would like to become a member please use the online form.

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