Workshop Notes

Earth Code

09,10 & 11 October

tech rider for the workshop set up:

– tables, chairs, table lights, paper or whiteboard for diagrams,
power strips offering say 10 outlets

– video beamer, 8 channel analogue mixer + monitor speakers

– battery powered portable speaker for outside use

– 6x soldering irons with stands, 3 pairs scissors, 3 wire cutters, 1 pliers,2x gluegun and gluesticks, cutters/knives

– gaffer tape, 48x plastic cups, bag of straws, bag of cable ties, a
few water bottles, 20x chopsticks, 9v batteries-one per participant, paper, pens,
sparklers (like for fireworks)

Participants are asked to bring: One plastic washing up glove,
recording devices (paper, pens, audio recorders, cameras, headphones), scrap metals, minerals, stones.


For the performance on the evening of the 10th October, 9pm Nutclough Tavern:

1x 16 channel analogue audio mixer (with gains on at least 8 channels)

6x power sockets

1x mono jack lead from mixer to PA/main mixer

For the PA (hire-in):

2x d&b Q7 tops
2x d&b Q7 subs
2x d&b D12 amplifiers
Soundcraft Si Compact 24 channel digital mixer

Wearable Computing

Downloading the software used with LilyPad Arduino:

Buying LilyPad Arduino hardware and conductive thread etc: