Hebden Royd awards grant

Hebden Royd Town Council has just awarded a grant of £3,000 towards the purchase of a laser-cutter. The total project costs total nearly £5,000, with the remainder being met from Bridge Rectifier reserves and donations. Bridge Rectifier will run a series of open days in 2017 to raise awareness of CAD/ CAM for laser-cutting, and showcase other ongoing BR projects. Specific ‘introduction to laser-cutting’ days will teach community participants the detailed techniques, and safety procedures needed for laser-cutting. Dates will be published later. Feel free to register your interest via our web forum at: http://discourse.bridgerectifier.org.uk/t/laser-cutting-registering-interest/278

Bridge Rectifier thanks HRTC for its support in helping the group establish a sustainable technological resource for the Hebden Royd community.


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