Earth Coding

09th, 10th and 11th October 2015 Artist Martin Howse will introduce participants to the field of psychogeophysics and take participants through a range of guided, electrochemical experimental activities. This three day Earth Coding workshop, organised by Derek Hales for hackerspace Bridge Rectifier actively explores links between contemporary technology and the earth. This event is a
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bridgerectifier: a cooperative

Well, it has taken a while since the first events and workshops back in 2013 and the various spaces bridge rectifier has used in its past, but we recently reconstituted bridgerectifier as a new and cooperatively constituted organisation. We are now located at Hebble End Works and we start our new programme of public and members
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Welcome to the website of the Bridge Rectifier hackerspace group! We’re in the process of organising a series of events that we hope will act as a catalyst for setting up a permanent hackerspace in Hebden Bridge. For dates and basic info see the calendar, and more detailed information along with links to registration will
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