LoRaWAN node basics, Tuesday 12th April

At the Electronics Group meet-up on Tuesday 12th April we’ll be taking a look at LoRaWAN hardware for connecting to The Things Network, making use of the recently commissioned gateway which is now up and running at the space. I’ll be bringing along MultiTech MDOT-BOX hardware, along with a Microchip RN2483 LoRa PICtail board and
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Art & Technology – Tuesday 5th April, 7pm

A discussion on Art & Technology will feature the work of various contemporary artists, & a range of approaches. Come along & get involved – tell us what you’re interested in, or what you want to learn about. This will be a regular cultural fixture, so put the date in your diary for future events
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CEA at ATO Thursday 24th March 6.30pm

This month’s All Things Open will focus on the emerging revolution in food production known as CEA or Controlled Environment Agriculture. Thanks to pioneering work by organisations including NASA and MIT, we are seeing an evolved approach to growing food indoors, using electronics and computer technology alongside proven techniques like hydroponics and aeroponics to regulate the
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Things Calderdale at ATO, Thurs 25th Feb.

The next All Things Open is on Thurs 25th Feb and will play host to the inaugural meeting of The Things Network Calderdale. *** Note that this was originally advertised for Weds 24th, but will take place on Thurs 25th! *** The Things Network is an initiative that started in Amsterdam and succeeded in crowdsourcing
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All Things Open

  On Thursday 10th December 2015 (one week from today!), we will be holding the first All Things Open meeting at the Bridge Rectifier Hackerspace at Hebble End Mill, Hebden Bridge. Doors will be opening at 6.30 with the evening starting at 7.00pm. As this is the first meeting, and it is getting close to
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BRing the Noise! Sat 21st Nov

Detail of equipment from noise orchestra performance at an Electron Club open day, 2008. On Saturday 21st November we will be hosting two events dedicated to the pursuit of noise: 12:00-16:00, Contact Mic Workshop & Open Day Bring along things that make interesting sounds which deserve to be given an audience. Those with a wider
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Earth Coding

09th, 10th and 11th October 2015 Artist Martin Howse will introduce participants to the field of psychogeophysics and take participants through a range of guided, electrochemical experimental activities. This three day Earth Coding workshop, organised by Derek Hales for hackerspace Bridge Rectifier actively explores links between contemporary technology and the earth. This event is a
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bridgerectifier: a cooperative

Well, it has taken a while since the first events and workshops back in 2013 and the various spaces bridge rectifier has used in its past, but we recently reconstituted bridgerectifier as a new and cooperatively constituted organisation. We are now located at Hebble End Works and we start our new programme of public and members
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