PPE visors for our healthcare workers

We can produce 100s of PPE visors and get them out to our front-line healthcare professionals, and we can do so quickly, by harnessing the equipment and capabilities of the Bridge Rectifier Hackerspace in Hebden Bridge, and with our fundraising page which will help us secure the right standard of materials we need to get this done and get it done NOW.

It all started with an idea...

There has never been a more critical time to come together and help save lives. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) might turn up, in the right places and at the right time for our front line healthcare professionals, but it only takes ten minutes of watching international news on how other countries have managed these logistic to throw doubt on that capability.

In the last few weeks Bridge Rectifier members have been busying themselves looking in to 3d printed and locally made personal protective equipment (PPE). In our case, this project started primarily to provide well-designed masks and face shields for the local volunteers, who are being recruited to deliver food and medical supplies for local charity The Hebden Bridge & District Old People's Welfare Committee, but it has rapidly developed into producing essential PPE Visors for many other organisations.

Changing from 3d printing to laser cutting has enabled us to increase production from around 90 minutes per face shield to around 90 minutes to prepare the parts for 100 shields, and in doing so massively increased what we can offer.

Our plan...

Our first batch of around 200 is now funded, finishing completion and mostly spoken for, however nationally demand is still massively outpacing supply. We have the production capacity to make a massive difference locally, if we can raise the funds there is no reason why we couldn't make a noticeable difference to our local NHS as well as other nearby regions.

Our plan is as follows:

Fund another batch of around 200 shields
Source materials
Distribute visors to those who need them

At the moment we can still relatively easily source materials but prices for some components have recently risen, and that situation is likely to worsen over the coming weeks. We would like to make the best contribution while we can. Many community run groups have been set up supplying NHS trusts around the country, and if we run out of direct local sources there are organisations we can ship them off to immediately to get in to the hands of those who need them most as quickly as possible.

If a situation arises where we have funded another batch but material supply has entirely dried up we will stop accepting donations until we find more, and any excess funds we still have from donations after this is all over will be distributed to local food banks.

Please donate if you can

What can you do?

Help to produce

There are people across the country with access to laser cutters, some of whom are already busy 3d printing the same face shields that started us off. Once designs are finalised they will be available to freely download here.

Get in touch

Help with supplies

A bill of materials has been built up to produce visors in whatever quantity you need, if you are a manufacturer and are in a position to supply materials, please see our picking list and get in touch to send us supplies.

Offer supplies

Request visors

If you are a Yorkshire based healthcare professional who would like to receive our visors please get in touch with us, priority will be given to enquiries from the NHS, followed by other healthcare and voluntary agencies.

Request form


We have a donation form below, where you can donate £2.00 (the estimated cost of a visor) or as much as you choose and we will despatch equipment on your behalf to the front line, where it is critically needed.

Donate here

Please note: priority will be given to direct NHS enquiries, then contacts from other healthcare agencies.

Donate here

With current material prices each visor costs a little under £2 to produce.

A small donation will enable us to produce one face shield, and put it in to the hands of someone who urgently needs it, and larger donations enable us to think about supplying entire departments. Our initial shipment of 35 visors accounted for all Calderdale NHS "hot hub" staff who are on shift at any one time, with a couple of spares per hub.

Donate £2

Donate £5

Donate £10

Donate £20

Donate £50

If you would like to order some face visors for your organisation, or fund a batch so you can have some, please get in touch here.

To donate other amounts by bank transfer please use the following details:

  • Bank name: Unity Trust Bank
  • Account name: Bridge Rectifier Ltd
  • Sort code: 60 83 01
  • Account: 20350471

Thanks to Rotary Club Hebden Bridge we have been able to fund another 500 visors, to be dispatched into the community within the next week or so.